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■Professors emeritus    University name

■Academic background    School name   Course   Faculty and Department   End date   Final result   Location   Country
Toyotama High School 1993/03/31 Graduated Domestic

Waseda University School of Education Department of Mathematics 1997/03/31 Graduated Domestic

Waseda University Master course Graduate School of Science and Engineering Department of Mathematical Sciences 1999/03/31 Completed Domestic

Waseda University Doctor later Graduate School of Science and Engineering Department of Mathematical Sciences (absence for a year because of research abroad at UC Berkeley) 2003/03/31 Withdrawn after completion of required course credits Domestic

■Academic degrees    Academic degree name   Awarding institution name   Date degree was acquired
Bachelor of Science Waseda University 1997/03/15

Master of Science Waseda University 1999/03/15

Doctor of Philosophy Waseda University 2005/09/27

■Work experience    Position or role   Starting and finishing dates
Visiting Scholar, Department of Mathematics, University of California at Berkeley 2001/08 - 2002/07

Visiting Research Associate, Department of Mathematics, School of Education, Waseda University 2002/10 - 2003/01

Part-time Staff, Educational Resources Section, Academic Affairs Division, Waseda University 2003/02 - 2003/03

Research Associate, Department of Mathematics, School of Education (Faculty of Education and Integrated Arts and Sciences), Waseda University 2003/04 - 2005/03

Part-time Lecturer, Kogakuin University 2004/04 - 2006/03

Part-time Lecturer, Nippon Institute of Technology 2005/04 - 2006/03

Research Fellow, Institute for Advanced Studies in Education, Waseda University 2005/04 - 2010/03

Part-time Lecturer, Department of Management Science, Faculty of Economics, Dokkyo University 2005/04 - 2017/03

Part-time Lecturer, Tokyo Gakugei University 2005/10 - 2009/03

Assistant Professor, Academic Support Center, Kogakuin University 2006/04 - 2008/03

Assistant Professor, Media Network Center, Waseda University 2008/04 - 2012/03

Visiting Associate Professor, Open Education Center, Waseda University 2012/04 - 2013/03

Research Fellow, Media Network Center, Waseda University 2012/04 - 2014/03

Associate Professor, Division of Liberal Arts, Kogakuin University 2012/04 - Present

Part-time Lecturer, Open Education Center, Waseda University 2013/04 - 2014/03

Part-time Lecturer, Department of Mathematics, School of Education, Waseda University 2013/04 - 2014/03

Part-time Lecturer, Global Education Center, Waseda University 2014/04 - 2016/03

Part-time Lecturer, School of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University 2014/04 - Present

Part-time Lecturer, Department of Advanced Sciences, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Hosei University 2015/10 - Present

■Status of education and research activities    Status of activities
I am interested in partial differential equations and undergraduate mathematics education, especially to characterize of weak solutions for degenerate parabolic equation including hyperbolic equations and its applications, and to develop contents and curriculum using ICT (information and communication technology) of mathematics literacy education for undergraduate students major in engineering.

■Current research field    Field Name
Basic Analysis

Science Education

Educational Technology

■Keywords    Keywords
partial differential equation, degenerate parabolic type, weak solution, entropy solution, renormalized solution,
mathematics education, higher education, pre-admission education, first year education, ICT (information and communication technology), e-learning

■Academic prizes    Academic prize name   Date awarded   Location
Good Practice Award of the 1st WASEDA e-Teaching Award, Waseda University 2014/05 Domestic

Kogakuin University Best Teacher Award 2015 2015/10 Domestic

■Textbooks and teaching materials    Title of textbook or teaching materials   Creation date
Mathematics for Economics and Management Sciences 2008/04
Textbook for mathematics lectures in Dokkyo University.

mathematics e-learning contents "differentiation", Kogakuin University 2008/04
Joint work with Professor Zen-ichi Yosimura, lecturer at the Academic Support Center, Kogakuin University.

■Academic societies    Academic society name   Membership period   Location
Official position title  Period in position
WASEDA Mathematical Society 1999/04/01 - Present Domestic
Manager of the 45th class 2013/12/01 - Present

Mathematical Society of Japan 2000/04/01 - Present Domestic

Mathematics Education Society of Waseda University 2005/04/01 - Present Domestic
Editorial Board 2015/09/01 - Present

American Mathematical Society 2008/01/01 - Present Overseas

Mathematics Education Society in Japan 2008/04/01 - Present Domestic
Executive committee at the 2011 spring meeting 2011/02/01 - 2011/03/31

Japan Society for Educational Technology 2009/04/01 - Present Domestic

Japan Society for Science Education 2012/07/01 - Present Domestic

Biomedical Fuzzy System Association 2012/11/01 - Present Domestic
Councilor 2015/04/01 - Present

Japanese Society for Information and Systems in Education 2013/04/01 - Present Domestic

Japan Society for Engineering Education 2014/04/01 - Present Domestic

Society for Tourism Informatics 2017/05/22 - Present Domestic

■Licenses and qualifications    Name of license or qualification   Date acquired
Basic Lifesaving Training 2013/12

Basic Lifesaving Training 2016/12